Organic Citrus Pink Salt Scrub & Soak

Organic Citrus Pink Salt Scrub & Soak

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This organic combo is the perfect scrub turned soak! First you scrub yourself with the body scrub, then you throw the bath sachet into the bath tub and jump in (salt scrub still on you!). Relax in a beautiful citrus scented salt bath. Great for exfoliation and detoxification all in one! 

Ingredients (all certified organic): Scrub - Australian pink salt, sweet almond oil, mandarin essential oil. Salt bath - Epsom salt, Australian pink salt, dried orange peel (when in stock). 

Soak not suitable during the first trimester of pregnancy. Post-partum - not to be used during first 6 weeks. Mandarin oil (diluted) might help infants with colic (as may low dose magnesium and salt soaks). Use with caution. 

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