Deluxe Mama Box

Deluxe Mama Box

207.20 259.00

Each deluxe mama box contains:

+ Organic Teas - a mother-to-be tea and a breastfeeding tea

+ Rescue Remedy spray to support you through stressful moments

+ Anti-nausea drink sachets for morning sickness 

+ All natural hydration electrolyte powders - great for use during labour (especially long ones!)

+ Organic bath soaks - a pregnancy soak, and a healing postpartum soak

+ Organic jojoba oil to help prevent stretch marks

+ Organic maternity pads and nursing pads

+ Organic intimate wipes to soothe after birth

+ Organic nipple balm to support breastfeeding

+ Organic breastpads so milk isn't leaking through clothing

+ Pregnancy-safe snacks that are good for the baby too

+ Warming heat pack for aches and pains

+ Birth affirmation cards to support you through the labour


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