Natural & Organic gifts for babies

These are our top picks for natural and organic baby gift boxes. 

These are perfect for: 

+ Those of you who want to gift the baby something special and different

+ Mothers who have already had their baby so it's too late to give pregnancy gifts

Note: If you want to mix and match, we can create a custom box for you - just use the contact form

We are currently working on a build-your-own custom box for babies, please bear with us and use the contact form in the meantime!

wild & free boxes subscription

Choose between 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 month subscriptions! 

Provide us with the baby's date of birth, and we cater each box to their developmental needs. 

We cater up to 6 months of age. 

Natural Pregnancy & Baby Box
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Receive a box each month filled with natural pregnancy and baby products! Organic where possible, always natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic for you and your baby. 

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vegan baby gift

If you are looking for a specifically vegan and organic gift, this is it! 

This balm can also be put in any custom box you like.

Free postage over $50 in combination with any other Wild & Free Organics products

Organic Baby Bottom Balm

This is luxury for your baby's precious behind! The Wild & Free Organics Baby Bottom Balm has been perfectly crafted to contain equal measures of products that nourish skin, calm irritated areas, kill infections, and act as a barrier to moisture to prevent further irritation. 

Made by hand in small batches (as we infuse the herbs & flowers into oil ourselves), this bottom balm is vegan, organic & gluten free. 

Ingredients (all certified organic): Shea butter, macadamia oil (infused with calendula, liquorice root, chamomile & st john's wort), candellila wax, coconut oil, and white clay. 

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