trimester one & morning sickness gift ideas

Morning sickness is horrible. Every woman experiences it differently, and it differs between pregnancies too! 

Have you got a woman in your life who is struggling with their morning sickness? 

This early in the pregnancy, you might be the only one who knows she's pregnant. 

These morning sickness gift ideas are a beautiful way to say "I'm thinking of you", or "We are in this together". 

wild & free boxes subscription

As long as you know her due date, you can sign her up as a gift. 

Choose one box, or 3 months worth (which will get her right through the worst of trimester one!).

Subscriptions are the easiest gift because all you need to do is provide her due date, and we do the rest of the work for you!

Natural Pregnancy & Baby Box
from 59.95

Receive a box each month filled with natural pregnancy and baby products! Organic where possible, always natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic for you and your baby. 

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trimester one gift box

Like the idea of the subscription but rather have it sent in one box? 

Easy done! 

Simply use the contact form, request a Trimester One box and we will get it organised! 

Some of the products include magnesium soaks, morning sickness cookies, morning sickness teas, and hydration sachets. 

(We promise we are working behind the scenes to get this on the website as a standard box option, but for now, requesting via the contact form is the next best thing)

Prices start at $99 inc postage

ultimate mama gift set

Many women don't realise it, but if they're low in magnesium, their morning sickness can be much worse. 

Enter our magnesium soak! 

Add in a belly butter and belly oil/baby massage oil, and you have a gift that will last the entire pregnancy (and beyond!).

Ultimate Mama Pack

Set of three - a truly perfect gift for a pregnant mother. 

+ Magnesium and rose soak - this is wonderful for trimester one, as pregnancy depletes your magnesium pretty quickly. Used as a bath or foot soak. 
+ Mama & Baby belly oil - this is so good for trimester 3 bellies, and the leftover oil can be used as a baby massage oil! 
+ Belly butter - this is great for trimester 2, and also trimester 3 if cream is preferred over oil. 

All certified organic ingredients, completely vegan. 

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