mama box range

the range of mama boxes are perfect gifts for different stages of pregnancy, as well as one complete with everything she needs! 

often people focus on the baby, and forget about the mother. that's where these mama boxes come in! 

great gifts for baby showers, or straight after the birth. they're even great birthday or Christmas gifts for the pregnant mamas who have everything! 



pregnant mama box

Support a mama throughout her pregnancy. 

Pregnant Mama Box Contains:

+ Organic mother-to-be tea

+ Anti-nausea sachets for the days morning sickness

+ Luxurious pregnancy soak to relax and calm the mind

+ Wild & Free Organics Belly Butter or Oil - great for pregnant bellies to help avoid stretch marks

(butter or oil depends on availability)

+ Pregnancy safe snacks formulated by a nutritionist


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Ideal to give a mama right before she gives birth! 

If you know a woman who is working towards an in-tune, natural birth, this box will support her through the labour. 

Pregnant yourself? A great birth prep box!

Birthing Mama Box Contains:

+ Rescue remedy homeopathic spray to support stress

+ Hydration sachets - great for long labours

+ Maternity pads for directly after the birth

+ Intimate wipes to soothe 

+ Heat pack - great for pain relief during labour

+ Birth affirmation cards - created by a doula

$115 + free shipping!

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healing mama box

Perfect gift after the birth, containing post-partum essentials. 

Healing Mama Box Contains: 

+ Organic breastfeeding tea

+ Organic healing postpartum soak

+ Nursing pads when flow reduces

+ Nipple balm for soothing

+ Breast pads to prevent milk leaking through clothes

+ Motherhood affirmation cards to offer support into the beautiful journey of motherhood


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The box containing everything a pregnant mama would need!

Perfect baby shower gift. 

Each deluxe mama box contains:

+ Organic Teas - a mother-to-be tea and a breastfeeding tea

+ Rescue Remedy spray to support through stressful moments

+ Anti-nausea drink sachets for morning sickness 

+ All natural hydration electrolyte powders - great for use during labour (especially long ones!)

+ Organic bath soaks - a pregnancy soak, and a healing postpartum soak

+ Wild & Free Organics belly oil to help prevent stretch marks

+ Maternity pads and nursing pads

+ Intimate wipes to soothe after birth

+ Nipple balm to support breastfeeding

+ Breast pads to maintain dry clothes

+ Pregnancy-safe snacks that are good for the baby too

+ Warming heat pack for aches and pains

+ Birth affirmation cards to provide support leading up to and through the labour

Purchase this upfront, or as three payments (with each payment a box is sent, please note added costs for this option)

$259 + free shipping! 

or three payments of $94, paid every 3 months (ie first, second and third trimesters) 

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"The Deluxe Mama Box is perfect for any expecting mother and is filled with only the best, all natural essentials to care for you (or a loved one) right through from pregnancy to birth and post partum. Every product has been carefully considered and sourced to nourish the expecting mother throughout her pregnancy journey."  

Kate Harrison, Naturopath and Mother



This is the box for all of your essential hospital and newborn needs. It is filled with essential goodies for labour, post-partum and your precious new baby. All products are entirely organic, natural and eco-friendly - safe for you and your baby. All products are vegan. 


The Hospital Essentials Box Includes: 

+Intimate wipes


+ Breast/nursing pads (Toms)
+ Maternity pads (Toms)

+ Bamboo toothbrush

+ Toothpaste (mint)

+ Newborn nappies (Tooshies)

+ Baby wipes 

+ Nipple cream

+ Hydration sachets

+ Heat pack

+ Massage oil

+ Hair ties

+ Lip balm

+ Baby swaddle 

$189.95 + free shipping!

True image to come shortly. Brands may vary depending on availability.

If you would prefer cloth breast pads, baby wipes and newborn nappies, please use the contact form for a custom quote.