Hello there! 

thanks for stopping by and checking out this vip offer. i'm really excited about it! 

what is fearless foodies all about?

I'm sure you're here because you've received my voucher in your box and you want to know some more about this program of mine. 

Fearless Foodies is an 8 week program (with the addition of a 9th toddler module!) that covers all you need to know about what, when, and how your baby should be eating. 

At the end of this program, you'll be confident in introducing any foods to your baby! 

And if you need reassurance, that's what our paid-only facebook group is about! 

You get lifetime access to this program (including an updates) - which is great if you are having more children in the future! 


here's the deal...

Because you have subscribed to Wild & Free boxes, I want to share my online program with you! 

It won't be for everyone, as maybe you are already confident in introducing foods, or you're under the guidance of someone else. And that's totally fine! 

But if you're at all curious about what the latest research is saying (all in one course) plus have access to my brain too, you won't get this kind of deal again. 

this program is usually $129 - and you can access it for $19.95! WOW! 

Simply click on the image below and it will redirect you to a page with all the information about the program plus your discount will have already been applied.