Product Feature - An Interview with Little Yarrow

If you hadn't heard already, I have created a subscription box service for organic baby products! There are so many wonderful products out there that are organic, non-toxic and eco-friendly that I thought it would be fun to share them with you! More than fun actually - I am passionate about spreading the word about these amazing products. Plus the majority of the products are locally made by Australian mums!

As part of me showcasing different products, I thought it would be nice to interview the women behind the brand. That way, you can get to know them and it might help you find brands that you absolutely love! We have got a blog post below that summarises the interview, as well as an audio for you to listen to.

This month I interviewed Kate Harrison, founder of Little Yarrow. Kate is a Melbourne based naturopath, mother & creator of Little Yarrow. With a focus on women's and children's health, Kate created the range of botanical remedies with the goal to make plant based medicine more accessible. The remedies are organic, vegan and made in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Kate is also available for Naturopathic Consultations in Melbourne's Inner North/West.


Little Yarrow

Please tell me a little about you and your business? I’m a naturopath and herbalist as well as the creator of Little Yarrow, a Botanical Remedy Range created with a focus on women’s health and wellness. I use all organic ingredients where possible and all the remedies are made in small batches to preserve the medicinal qualities.

Why is the organic lifestyle important to you? An organic lifestyle is important to me especially in this day and age, due to the the overall decline in the quality of our environment, food and personal products which is being caused by high exposure to toxins and chemicals. As much as possible I think it’s really important to try and get back to a more natural lifestyle to avoid the damage that these toxins can cause to our health and wellbeing.

What inspires you? Learning both through study and experience. I’ve always loved learning about the world, different cultures, philosophies and practices. I’m also really inspired by other people that have this same drive to learn and develop their knowledge and skills as well.

What made you want to be part of Wild & Free boxes? I love that Wild & Free gives families the opportunity to try the best natural and organic products available, ones that have already been tried and tested, support a natural and healthy lifestyle.

What is one organic product you just can’t live without (excluding your own gorgeous products of course!)? Wotnot Sunscreen! Being of Irish descent and living in the hot aussie sun means my family need to regularly apply sunscreen to protect our skin! This is our fave non toxic one.

Let’s get back to your business – how did you find the process of creating a business that was organic? How do you ensure your products are truly organic? The process was quite easy as I was already aware of organic suppliers where I could purchase my raw plant materials from. So it was more a matter of deciding I wanted to pursue organic herbs at a higher price to ensure the quality was there in the final product.

What makes your brand unique? My brand is unique because the remedies are hand crafted in small batches by myself, a qualified naturopath and herbalist, with a focus on womens health in particular. I also create many of the remedies according to the cycles of the moon which is a traditional way to prepare herbal medicine that ensures optimum potency.

Have you got any exciting plans for your business this year (maybe an exciting new print design or a new product?) I'm planning on releasing some more products this year as well as some small kits and gift boxes.

Do you have any tips for our listeners who are transitioning into a more organic and natural lifestyle? Rather than focusing on cutting things out and what you ‘can’t use’, focus on what you can include and what you can use, then before you know it the good things will take over naturally in a seamless transition.

Lastly… Do you have a quote you live by? "If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely" – Rhoald Dahl. I love this quote because I think we need more people in the world who are trying to be the best version of themselves and make a positive impact not only on their own lives but the people around them, which all starts with a change of mentality.

Little Yarrow is featured in our March Mystery box, and we also have some of their products in our gift boxes (check them out here). If you want to find Kate on social media, you can find her at @littleyarrow and her store is here