The difference between our pregnant belly butter and pregnant belly oil

This would have to be our most common query! When you can’t quite decide what you want.. a butter or an oil for your growing baby bump, but you don’t want to buy both! Which do you choose?

Both of our pregnant belly products have been designed with you and your baby in mind. They are made with completely natural and organic ingredients, and are vegan too. They are both really nourishing for your skin so that as your belly grows and stretches, your skin remains supple and we reduce the risk of stretch marks. Plus, every ingredient is known to be safe to use while pregnant - for you and your precious baby.

Organic Pregnancy Belly Butter

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Our Wild & Free pregnancy belly butter is oh so dreamy!

We have blended a number of luxury oils together, and combined with shea and cocoa butter to give you a little bit of bliss each time you massage it into your belly. The belly butter is nice and thick, however it will absorb into your skin quickly and should not affect your clothes. Of course, you’ll have to wait a little bit before putting a top on.

The belly butter can be used over your entire body. So if you’re expanding quickly over your hips and breasts, the butter is nourishing for your stretching skin.

It is so hydrating that you really only need to use it once a day, however if you’re getting the itchy stretchy skin during times of rapid growth, you can use it to help calm the itch.

Organic Pregnancy Belly Oil

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Our Wild & Free pregnancy belly oil is the perfect blend of organic oils. Not too heavy, not too light, and absorbed quickly into your skin for rapid belly nourishment.

If you find you’ve got dry skin during your pregnancy, the oil can be used over your face or dry patches too.

It is the lighter of the two options, making it perfect for summer months when you don’t want to be feeling like you’re too hot to be covered in a thick butter.

A bit more about the two:

The belly butter was designed to be used during trimester one and two, and the belly oil for trimester three. This design is due to the belly oil being a slightly different blend of organic oils that support the rapid belly growth of trimester three!

That being said, many women adore the butter and continue with it throughout their pregnancy and beyond. We have even had reports that it has been useful in reducing the sight of stretch marks after birth!

An additional benefit of the belly oil is that it is also designed with your baby in mind, and can be used as a baby massage oil in those first few months. It is perfect for belly binding too - a traditional Ayurvedic practice to support the belly during the weeks after birth (fourth trimester).

Still not sure which one to get? We have created a value pack for you with both inside!

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