Wild & Free Organics Bottom Balm

Nappy rash afflicts most babies at some stage. Baby bottoms are a delicate part of their bodies - the skin is sensitive, constantly getting wet or wiped down, and regularly covered in poo - so it's no surprise that even the healthiest of babies can still get an angry red nappy rash. It can range from a little bit of redness to painful ulcers, and some poor babes end up with infections. 

Causes of Nappy rash

There are so many triggers for nappy rash, and I believe each child's individual constitution determines why their nappy rash appears. Some common causes are: 

  • Teething
  • Viruses and bugs 
  • Food reactions
  • Gastro
  • Too many acidic foods
  • Candida infection 

Natural Remedies for Nappy Rash

When I created the Wild & Free Organics baby balm, I wanted to create a natural remedy for nappy rash. I think it's important to note that nappy rash creams do not remove the underlying trigger. So while some triggers such as teething and bugs are unavoidable and short-lived, if your baby is experiencing severe and chronic nappy rash, please speak to your health care provider about what might be causing their red rashy bottom. And as a side-note, if you're not getting the answers your gut tells you, or don't feel supported, please speak up because a mother's instinct is like no other! 

Back to the Wild & Free Bottom Balm! 

In creating this balm, I wanted a natural and organic cream that was safe for babies and toddlers. This bottom cream has been designed in a way that is nourishing to nappy rashes, but can also be used on any other rashes, scrapes, bites, and even cracked nipples. Plus, if your toddler finds the balm and lathers an entire tub over their legs, you can rest assured it is completely safe (yes, this one I've experienced first hand - check out the mess!). 

On top of using organic and safe ingredients, this balm had to be cruelty free. In fact, you won't find any animal products in any of the Wild & Free Organics range. 

Once quality and safety had been determined, my third priority was effectiveness. I wanted to create the best nappy rash cream on the market! Our Wild & Free Bottom Balm is the perfect combination of nourishing oils and butters, healing herbs, and water-proofing wax so that your baby's nappy rash is combatted from three directions to heal as fast as possible! 

What is in the Bottom Balm?

  • Shea butter and macadamia oil - these are nourishing to the skin to promote healing
  • Calendula - an anti-inflammatory herb that also assists in wound healing
  • Chamomile - a herb that is anti-inflammatory and calming, as well as reducing pain and being high in antioxidants (great for wound healing)
  • Liquorice root - a herb used for pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties
  • St John's wort - an anti-bacterial herb useful for reducing the risk of nappy rash infections
  • Candelilla wax - the perfect barrier protection agent to prevent wet nappies and bowel motions from further aggravating the rash, and it also means the herbs can go to work healing the nappy rash
  • Coconut oil - a well-known anti-fungal and anti-bacterial to reduce severe nappy rash infections
  • White clay - a powerful detoxing agent to help clear the skin and reduce the risk of chronic nappy rash 

Have you considered what you're putting on your baby's bottom? 

Given we absorb up to 70% of what we put on our skin, it makes sense that we are careful with our choice of brands. Even more so when it comes to our babies, who have limited detox functions and who are growing at such a rapid rate. When you choose Wild & Free Organics, you are choosing products that are organic, vegan, and luxurious, with each ingredient being intricately thought out for safety and effectiveness. 


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