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I was so thrilled when I found Tracey and her brand MaterniTea. To become part of Wild & Free Boxes, I have strict guidelines for quality control, and many businesses shy away when they hear the requirements. But Tracey was actually excited that I was so strict, because she is a stickler for quality too! For me, ultimately I'm sharing other brands with you in my boxes so I want to be sure they are the best of the best. MaterniTea definitely delivers on that front. 

You'll notice MaterniTea teas in all of our subscription boxes (one for each trimester), our breastfeeding box, as well as any custom pregnancy boxes. So if you follow our instagram page, you'll have noticed lots of these teas in our feed! 

Take a read about MaterniTea and Tracey, and learn a bit more about where your tea comes from (if you receive our boxes!).

Please tell me a little bit about you and your business:

Hey Gorgeous Mamas, I’m Trace, a Certified Australian Tea Master and Aussie Mum who discovered a passion for the benefits of Herbal Tea remedies during my first pregnancy 8 years ago. I’m also expecting bub number two in just a few weeks’ time – eeek exciting!

After struggling with the common pregnancy side effects, not to mention a traumatic delivery experience with my daughter, I became inspired to learn as much as I could about improving the experience of pregnancy through the use of Herbal Organic Tea (or H.O.T Mum blends as we like to call them here).

After completing my certification as an Australian Tea Master and travelling the world consulting with a team of professionals in women’s health, Fertility, Naturopathy, and Dietietics, I formed the MaterniTea team of experienced professionals to help me bring MaterniTea to life.

A range of trimester specific organic herbal tea blends to support women from fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN GENERIC “PREGNANCY TEA” BLENDS. Although that’s a whole other article.

Each of MaterniTea’s blends is created with purpose, to directly target a specific need or challenge throughout each trimester.

I have one very clear vision for MaterniTea and that’s to help as many women around the world have Happy Healthy Pregnancies & Beyond. My greatest love within this business is hearing from women across the world who have successfully fallen pregnant or started enjoying their pregnancies through the use of our products.

Why is the organic lifestyle important to you?

Life in 2018 is hectic right? We are crazy busy people, constantly switched on who live and raise our children in a world that’s suffocating us all with quick fixes, 5-minute happiness, cheap and nasty products full of toxins and preservatives and clever marketing gimmicks. Then we’re forced to load up on antibiotics and pharmaceuticals when we or our bubs get sick. After all, who has time to be sick these days. Organic options where possible is my way of offsetting some of the nasties and hopefully helping build the foundations of good health for my children to live longer healthier happier lives.

What inspires you?

Mums in business! I honestly believe the future of Australian Business is women – especially mums. We are kicking some serious goals in entrepreneurship while juggling the world of motherhood. So many mums I meet have fantastic ideas, skill sets and expertise and when I see a mum who has put herself out there to bring brand to market I think – good on her. I look at what other successful women are achieving and think what can I learn from her.

What made you want to be part of Wild and Free Boxes?

MaterniTea was always developed with quality in mind. We source high quality herbs from across the globe to create our blends. Our products are designed to help women feel beautiful and luxurious at a special time in their life. I wanted to align with businesses who share our same passion for quality and wellbeing and a desire to support women such as Wild and Free.

What is the one organic product you cant live without?

Argghh, where to start. Well, Im a big fan of organic coconut water. I seriously live on this stuff. Its great to add to smoothies, ice blocks, all sorts of yummy healthy foods. It makes me feel like I’m treating myself I just love the flavour. 


Lets go back to your business. How did you find the process of creating a business that is organic and how do you ensure your products are truly organic?

Our herbs come from all across the globe so its important to us to know that each of the farms supplying our ingredients are in fact organic.

Ingredients are generally more expensive and a little more vulnerable to seasonal changes and environmental impacts so it’s not an easy process to be honest, but as they say, if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

What makes your brand unique?

MaterniTea is the worlds only complete pregnancy tea program. Not only are we the only company to offer a range of trimester specific blends but we also offer our customers a program option, whereby each month they are automatically sent the appropriate blends for their stage of pregnancy along with weekly supporting emails from our naturopaths and dietitians specific to their week of pregnancy which include useful tips, education and professional pregnancy advice. Customers can also book a skype or in-room consultation with one of our qualified Naturopaths or Dieticians. We are more than just a herbal tea company.

Have you got any exciting plans for your business this year?

Shhhh, we do actually. We are currently working on something really exciting and hope to launch by June. You’ll have to watch this space and our insta account though for now 😊

Do you have any tips for our listeners who are transitioning to a more organic and natural lifestyle?

Id say start small. It can be a bit overwhelming at first and old habits can be hard to break. For families, often making the switch can mean changes to the family budget too, so pick your products wisely, don’t try to do it all at once and gradually introduce the changes. Something is better than nothing.

Do you have a quote you live by?

Absolutely. “ Where focus goes, energy flows”.

This can be applied to every area of your life. Whether it be your relationships, work, health, a to do list, you’ll find with a bit of focus, energy will flow and you’ll start to see results.


Do you want to know more about Maternitea? 

Tracey offers wonderful tea subscriptions on her website. So if you have received her tea as part of a box and you're wanting more, you can subscribe to her service!

If you want more of a type of tea in your next month's subscription, you can also email me (it's my job to make your pregnancy easier after all!). 

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