The Ultimate Australian Baby Shower Gift List

Having a baby is such an exciting time! The baby shower, the gifts, the beautiful belly bump... But when you're a guest at a baby shower, gifts can be hard to choose. 

We all want to make sure the gift we give a pregnant mama and her baby is one that she will use and enjoy, not something she will have sitting in the back of her cupboard and completely forget about. 

We have spent some time collating the Ultimate Baby Shower Gift List for you - so you don't need to do any thinking! Better yet, we have categorised them for you, so you don't need to read the entire list to find what you're looking for. 

Image Credit: @sugarandcharm (Instagram)

Image Credit: @sugarandcharm (Instagram)

A couple of tips for the perfect baby shower gift...

Tip 1. Know your pregnant mama! Buy for her tastes and preferences, not your own. 

Tip 2. If you'd like to get her something extraordinary, why not get a group together to chip in some money? 

Tip 3. It's the attention to detail that counts. If you listen closely enough, your pregnant friend will drop hints about what she likes/wants/needs. 


We have created some categories for you, but remember they are by no means exclusive of each other. We are simply trying to make your life easier. There's no reason why a mama can't be a little bit of each category! So after reading our baby shower gift lists, choose the best gift for your friend, without worrying about which 'category' it came from. 


Baby shower gifts for the 'essentials' mum: 

This is the minimalist mum. She purely wants the baby essentials, and nothing more. 

+ Nappies - see if you can find her desired brand, and don't forget to get different sizes too!

+ Baby wipes - some stores give discounts when you buy a box in bulk

+ Onesies - take into consideration the season the baby will be born in and buy accordingly 

+ Baby nighties - with drawstring at the bottom to avoid having to use snaps or zips in the middle of the night

+ Baby socks and mittens - often forgotten but will keep those little hands and feet warm 

+ Baby beanie - especially winter babies, if born in summer get an appropriate size for winter

+ Baby bath towel - so simple but used so often! 

+ Terry cotton squares - to mop up just about everything

+ Wraps - often mothers have their favourite material of wrap, but if she's a first time mum then a selection of wraps is perfect so she can find her favourite

+ Baby swaddles - pre-made ones that are easy to slip on and off but keep baby nice and snug for sleeps 

+ Baby blanket - a warm snuggly blanket for the pram 

+ Baby bath wash - companies offer travel/sample sizes as often they have a few styles (oil, creamy, bubbles), which are great to gift because the mother can choose which is best for her baby 

+ Baby bottom balm - you never know when a baby is going to get their first rash so it's handy to have some balm ready when they do! 

+ Nipple balm - if you know the mama is planning on breastfeeding, a nipple balm can be a saviour in those first few weeks

+ Bibs

+ Bottles, steriliser, bottle warmer - if you know the mama is planning on formula, or pumping milk, then these are essential items

+ Formula - if you know the mother is going straight onto formula, that is! 

+ Belly band - for abdominal support while heavily pregnant, or a tighter one to help her recover quickly after the birth 

+ Lactation cookies to support milk production

+ Breast pads  

+ Water bottle (a big one) for the long days of being stuck under a baby - easier for her to stay hydrated

+ Night light for the nursery 

+ Temperature gauge for the nursery - there are ones that change colour based on the temperature making them so easy to read! 

+ Baby bath tub 

+ Voucher to hire a capsule 

+ Books on introducing foods safely 

+ Plates, bowls, cups, spoons, forks - anything to introduce solids easily when the time comes

+ Toothbrush and toothpaste - not many people think ahead of the birth but often it is appreciated 




Baby shower gifts for the 'natural' mama: 

These are the mamas who will swing towards all natural products, and already live a nature-inspired life. Their own philosophies will determine a lot of your choices. 

+ Natural and organic baby products - from body wash, massage oil, bottom balm and nipple creams - there are natural versions of everything these days! 

+ Cloth nappies voucher or starter pack - if she decides to use cloth instead of disposables 

+ Cloth wipes - if she chooses cloth over disposables 

+ Natural nappies - brands such as Naty and Ecoriginals are great choices for these mamas

+ Wooden and silicone toys - such as teething rings or play gyms 

+ Swaddles made from organic cotton or from completely natural fibres 

+ Baby blanket - bamboo or nice thick cotton 

+ Baby clothes made from organic cotton or completely natural fibres

+ A baby hat - so simple yet so handy for summer babies! 

+ Organic lactation cookies to support breastfeeding and milk production 

+ Breast pads - she may prefer some beautiful organic handmade ones to the disposable ones

+ Cloth menstrual pads - especially if you know she used them prior to being pregnant and prefers them

+ Baby carrier - a fabric wrap or a structured carrier depending on mama's preferences 

+ Salt lamp - makes for a lovely night light in the nursery 

+ Bamboo or wooden dinner set and cutlery - in preparation for introducing foods

+ Homeopathics to help manage teething, sleep, colic, reflux 

+ Bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste - or the silicone gum/tooth cleaners for early on

Don't forget about organic and natural products for the mama too: 

+ Organic healing bath soaks and intimate wipes 

+ Healing balms if she has a c-section

+ Homeopathics to assist labour and healing 

+ Hypnobirthing CDs to prepare for labour

+ Natural birthing books 

+ Organic perineum massage oil in preparation for the birth

+ A pregnancy massage or day spa package

+ Organic teas - you can get some beautiful pregnancy teas, breastfeeding teas, and post-partum healing teas (why not get her the set?)

+ Birth affirmation card set - especially for the friends who are actively preparing themselves for a home birth or natural, drug-free hospital birth 


Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest


Baby Shower Gifts for the Second Time Mum (and anything above 2 children!):

These mothers often have all the bigger essentials, and know what they liked! Plus they might have done some more research and want to try to do things differently this time around. 

+ Favourite essentials - nappies, wipes, balms and body washes - it's likely the second time mum knows exactly what brands she loved and what worked best for her babies

+ Something special for the new baby - a personalised towel or swaddle is something that can be used over and over

+ A pregnancy massage or day spa package - give her a break from life before the arrival of her new baby

+ Voucher for a hair cut and style

+ Healing post-partum massage - especially the mums who don't often get a break! 

+ Voucher for a cleaner for when she needs it most

+ Voucher for a nanny/babysitter - when she needs time to focus on her and baby 

+ Pre-paid meal service for the week after birth - especially when dealing with additional children

+ Basket of fruits or essential snacks - particularly if you can cater to her dietary requirements

+ Lactation cookies to support breastfeeding and milk production 

+ Heat pack to help with labour pains 

+ Activity books for the older children (or age-appropriate distractions)

+ A 'baby holder' for the baby to safely sit in the bathtub - in case mum has to rush off and attend to other children

+ Her own cosy blanket or new dressing gown - to keep her warm while up all night feeding 

+ Her own pamper pack - manicures, pedicures, body scrubs, face masques, hair treatments

+ A bag of coffee beans and her favourite milk (or pods!)


What if you're a bit short on cash, and you'd like to give your friend a baby shower gift but can't afford much? 

How about a gift of your service? 

+ Meal preps - have a baby bake-off and gather a group of her friends together to create some yummy meals she can freeze 

+ Babysit the children - does she have a plan for her older children while in labour/birthing? 

+ Offer to come over and take the baby (and other children) on a walk so she can get some rest

+ Offer to come and clean her place 

+ Birth support - does she need a friend there with her for support during the birth? 

+ DIY basket of fruit and snacks 

+ Company - many mothers feel isolated, and they don't want anything more than company 

+ Don't discount a bundle of hand-me-downs - if you are finished having children and wish to gift her some pre-loved clothes, many mums love the idea of products that have been used and loved by their closest friends' children

+ USB loaded with movies or TV series - for moments she is stuck under a sleeping baby 

+ Do you knit, crochet or sew? Why not make her something yourself! 

+ Organise to come over and cook her brunch - especially if the older children are in school or daycare one day 


Photo credit: Brittany Chard Photography 

Photo credit: Brittany Chard Photography 


The larger baby shower gifts for mamas: 

Whether you have a lot of money to spend or want to get a group together to chip in for a gift, here are some larger items worth thinking about. 

+ Breast pump - she might have a choice already, otherwise go off the best reviews

+ A pregnancy or birth gift box - there are a number of companies doing beautiful gift boxes 

+ Money towards her dream nursery 

+ A doula - to support during pregnancy, birth and even post-partum (check with each individual doula for packages)

+ Birth photographer voucher

+ Subscription boxes - such as Wild & Free Boxes (choose your desired length of subscription)

+ Newborn photographer voucher

+ Car seat or pram contribution
+ A term or year's worth of exercise - yoga, pilates, personal trainer (whatever your friend would love and appreciate)

+ Ayurvedic post-partum packages to promote healing and care for the mother

+ A special piece of jewellery that signifies her pregnancy and birth 

+ Placenta encapsulation service


Well, that just about covers it! Is there something you received and absolutely loved? Or something you're wishing for that isn't on the list? I'd love to hear about it in the comments! 

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