The best maternity leave gift ideas

Have you got a work colleague leaving for maternity leave, and you have no idea what to get them? We have some tips and ideas for you to get you started! 



Step One. 

Make sure you buy a gift your colleague will love, not one that you necessarily love. Be sure to pick up on their subtle cues, and listen when they talk about baby products. Maybe they are all about organic products, or maybe they are excited about decorating the nursery! Are they using cloth or disposable nappies? I can tell you a mama using cloth does not want a nappy cake! Just as a mama who wants to use organic products will quietly cringe when given conventional products. Maybe they'd like to keep all their products gender neutral, or they are completely enthralled with a particular style (boho, vintage, street... yes baby wear has categories these days!). Buy the maternity leave gift for your colleague's tastes, not your own. 


Step Two. 

Choose between more practical items, and luxury items. Some pregnant mothers will be completely organised and have all their basic needs covered, whereas others will have spent all their time focusing on the prettier things and have completely forgotten basic necessities. It can be so helpful if you fill that gap and provide her with what she truly needs to be completely ready for her baby's arrival, and the postnatal period. Thoughtfully themed gift boxes can go a long way too, and are often a combination of practical items and luxurious gift items. 


Step Three. 

Decide if you'd like to shower the mother with gifts she can use on herself, or gift the baby. The majority of gifts are for the baby, without honouring the mother and all her hard work! Growing and carrying a baby for 9 months, then the labour... women are amazing! Sometimes a gift that shows the mother some love and care can go a long way. It shows you appreciate everything she has done to grow and birth a child, and honours the next phase of her life - taking care of her child! A workplace who gifts a woman a maternity leave gift that is entirely about nourishing the mother has got it right (in my opinion!). Often gifts for new mothers can be more personal, which can be a bit much for some companies. In this case, choosing a beautiful baby gift box would be a nice way to congratulate the mother and spoil her baby. 


Step Four. 

Get a group together to create a maternity leave gift. This way, you can all chip in, but you don't need to break the budget to get the mother an incredible gift! For that bit extra, add in a personalised maternity leave card, wishing her all the best with her birth and her new baby. Being given a maternity leave gift will make a pregnant woman feel appreciated for her work in the company, and give her a sense that moving forward into a new journey is also something to embrace. 


Want to know more about where to find some maternity gift boxes? Read on!  



corporate maternity leave Gift Ideas

Now that you've probably got some ideas as to what types of things your colleague might appreciate for their maternity leave gift, let's look at some gift options! 


Pregnancy Gift Box

Pregnancy gift boxes are perfect if your colleague is starting her maternity leave early in her pregnancy. It is also a great option if you'd like to gift a friend upon hearing about their pregnancy!

The Wild & Free Boxes will help you create custom pregnancy gift boxes for your work colleague. We cater boxes to her trimester needs, so each box is curated with a personal touch to her current needs. 

I’ve added three different products below that are popular pregnancy gifts.

Please contact us to help you create the perfect maternity leave gift for your colleague. 

Trimester Three Gift - a perfect baby shower gift
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Trimester 3 Mama Pack - Baby shower gift
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Trimester 3 Mama Pack - Baby shower gift
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Pregnancy Gift Set - Ultimate Mama Pack
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ultimate Mama Gift Box

This gift box contains three products, giving your pregnant colleague the ultimate pregnancy pampering experience. 

Handmade and entirely organic, these products will be appreciated by any pregnant woman. 

Magnesium soak, belly oil (which continues to be useful after birth as a baby massage oil), and a belly butter. 


Monthly Subscription Box

A monthly subscription box is the gift that keeps giving! If your colleague has decided to take 12 months off work, why not buy her a 12 month box subscription so each month she knows her workplace is thinking of her? Most subscription companies allow for purchase of one, three, six or twelve month subscriptions so if 12 months is too much there are other options available to you. 

Monthly baby subscription boxes can come in the form of luxury, typical gift items, or they can be more convenient in design and cater for essential needs like wipes, body wash, and bottom balms. It all depends what kind of mother you are buying for, and what her needs are! 

Our subscription boxes are $54 per month, plus $5.95 shipping.


Have you got friends going on maternity leave? These gift boxes are not exclusive to corporate gift ideas. Some mothers like to buy these for themselves, in preparation for their labour, birth, and post-partum period. They're also gorgeous as gifts from friends, especially those friends who may have been through labour themselves and understand what is truly needed in the post-partum period. Women supporting women, amiright!