What are the best subscription boxes in Australia?

Are you wondering what the best organic subscription boxes are? 

Subscription boxes are starting to take off in Australia! It's an exciting time to have the convenience of the products you love with the click of a button! I want to share with you my favourite subscription box companies in Australia. Excluding Wild & Free Boxes of course! You might find one you love in our list! 

what am I looking for in a subscription box? 

The boxes I chose are not only what I think are Australia's best, but also fit with the Wild & Free philosophies of at least one of the following categories : organic, eco-friendly, vegan, or non-toxic.

They are great options if you are transitioning into a more natural, clean living, paleo or vegan lifestyle, but not sure where to start. 

They are also perfect for those of us who are stuck in a little rut, buying the same brands all the time. They give you the chance to try new brands and different products! Who knows, you might find your newest favourite product in a box! 

I've also bought subscriptions in the past as gifts for friends or family. It gives the gift that little bit of fun, not knowing exactly what they are going to get! 

Subscription boxes are generally great for people who don't mind the element of surprise, because each month contains a whole new set of products to try! But there are some subscription box options where you get to choose the products you receive. These boxes are more about the convenience factor, rather than the surprise factor. 

the wild and free baby subscription box 

Wild & Free Boxes has a subscription box where all of your products are curated specifically for your baby's age. This means all you need to do is tell us your baby's age, and we do the rest! 

The  W ild & Free Baby Box - An Australian monthly baby subscription box. 

The Wild & Free Baby Box - An Australian monthly baby subscription box. 


let's find out my favourite Australian subscription boxes! 

Now with all of these subscription boxes, if you want to check out their websites just click the image and it will take you right there! 


Secrets Organic Box

Ok I might have a slight website crush on these guys. Their boxes have awesome organic products each month. What I love about these guys is their box can be a family-affair. There are products in there for everyone! Their website includes yummy recipes and spotlight features on the products in their boxes. The perfect box for people wanting to learn more about organic brands, or transitioning into an organic lifestyle. A really easy way to start living more organic is to focus on adding things to your life, rather than what you need to remove. This box adds organic products to your household without you having to research, think or drive to the organic store! 


The Paleo Warehouse Box

This one is for our paleo Wild & Free readers! This subscription box delivers at least $50 of value each month for $39.95, allowing you to try new paleo products without having to research them yourself.

They even have a directory of all the products featured in each box, which is so handy if you find your newest favourite product and want to hunt them down quickly! 

More and more people are starting to eat paleo - this is the ideal box to learn all about different paleo brands! Let the Paleo Warehouse do the research for you! If you're already paleo, it will give you a few products you may not have otherwise bought which can add some fun!



S. Rosa Organics

This gorgeous woman has created an organic tampon subscription box. You will never have to run out again, or do a last minute dash to the store!

There are more women starting to be aware with what they are putting on and in their bodies, and tampons are no exception. These tampons are pure and organic, meaning you're using the cleanest possible products in a very sensitive area. 

Even if you don't want a subscription, you've got to check out her beautiful website and buy one packet. Who knows, you might find you absolutely love them and want to subscribe in the future! 


The Vegan Box

The Vegan Box was created by a naturopath in Melbourne, to make vegan food products more accessible! Hannah says "Finding you fresh, new & delicious vegan goodies makes me very happy, and I absolutely LOVE sharing my cruelty free finds with you every month". Her Vegan Box is gluten free too!

The Vegan Box also have a bimonthly Vegan Beauty Box, with vegan, chemical-free and natural beauty products. Beauty never looked so clean! 

Ideal for people who want to lead a cruelty free, vegan lifestyle but aren't sure where to start. It is also perfect for vegans who are looking to try new products without having to put the effort in themselves! 


Flora & Fauna Vegan Beauty Box

Once each season, Flora & Fauna send out a vegan, natural beauty box with products to help your body get through the season. Whether it be sun exposure, dehydration, or the cold - their products are perfect for the season!

It's perfectly thought out because you'll be able to use all of the chemical free beauty products straight away - no waiting for the right season! 

You get over $80 of products in each box, for $34.95! Bargain. And you're being kind to your body (and the planet)!

This box is a wonderful gift box, and it's also great when you're wanting to try new natural beauty products! 


There you have it - my five favourite Australian subscription boxes! Have you seen these brands before? Have you tried any? I'd love to hear your thoughts on them, or if you have a different favourite that I didn't mention! Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear what you think!