Product Feature - Niovi Organics

I was so excited when I stumbled upon Niovi. Punitha has created a brand that embraces everything Wild & Free Boxes is about. Organic, ethically produced, and beautiful quality! It has been a pleasure working with her, and getting to know her some more through our interview questions. Enjoy! 


Please tell me a little about you and your business?

This is Punitha, owner and founder of  organic children’s wear label NIOVI. I live with my hubby and 2 children in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

Why is the organic lifestyle important to you?

Because it is inclusive of nature and safe for everyone. Our natural ecosystem is designed in a way that soil thrives on natural waste from us. But, still we throw green rubbish in bin and buy pesticides to grow greens. It is pleasing to see our mindset is slowly shifting and people are more responsible now when compared to a decade ago in adapting sustainable lifestyle.

What inspires you?

Nature. I can spend days alone being part of nature.

What made you want to be part of Wild & Free boxes?

Your concept is amazing.  I love the range you carry and from our brand’s perspective, it is perfect way for us to reach our like minded customers.

What is one organic product you just can’t live without (excluding your own gorgeous products of course!)?

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.


How gorgeous are these onesies from Niovi! We are currently stocking all three colours for our subscriptions and our custom boxes. 


Let’s get back to your business – how did you find the process of creating a business that was organic? How do you ensure your products are truly organic?

Thanks for asking this. We ensure that we source clothing from suppliers certified in one of the well recognised textile standard across the globe, which is GOTS. We have personally visited the factories in which our clothing is made and know about our entire supply chain.  In addition to this, we have supplier agreements in place to meet the social criteria we define. During my recent visit, I was pleased to know that in some cases, employees involved in our supply chain are paid 3 times the minimum wages set by local authorities. When you wear a clothing from NIOVI, it is not only grown organic, you can be sure that the clothing is made from employees who are well looked after.

What makes your brand unique?

Most consumers are unaware that dyes cause major environmental impact in fashion industry even more so than conventionally grown cotton.  The impact on the person wearing the fabric is considerably less. But, the workers in the supply chain who are handling it are affected big time.

That is one of the reasons, we meticulous focus on the dyes used in our fabric. We try to bring in simplistic prints with a beautiful color palette using minimal dyes.

Have you got any exciting plans for your business this year (maybe an exciting new print design or a new product?)

Lots of exciting things are happening at our end. We will be launching our next range AW18 in March 2018 across Australia and New Zealand. In addition to this, we are launching in trade shows and markets across North America and Japan next year.

On R&D side, we are currently working with a company doing research on deriving dyes exclusively from herbs. Colour options are limited at this stage. These dyes are totally safe not only for the textile industry, but also for the environment. If we could achieve more colour options to compete with chemical dyes that would be great.

Do you have any tips for our listeners who are transitioning into a more organic and natural lifestyle?

Sometimes, I feel your natural lifestyle starts from your recipes. People often complain they don’t have the time and money to lead a healthy lifestyle.

We need to prepare our mindset to get the best out of the options we have got. Simple things like, washing your fruits and veggies with vinegar if you can’t buy organic, substituting honey in place of sugar, incorporating variety of grain, using dates in pancakes etc..can make healthy lifestyle changes without much effort at your end.

Lastly… Do you have a quote you live by?

“Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you sow”




Punitha is a woman who is passionate about both organic and ethical production of fashion, starting with our babies. You can check out her website here to see all of her products. They also use their profits to support the "Sudaroli Home For the Blind" located in Mettur, India, which you can read about on their website