my favourite pregnancy and recovery products

I must admit I am quite minimalist when it comes to using products. I try and use the bare essentials, and when I find my favourite products I don't often stray to try new things! But I wanted to share with you what my favourite products have been throughout this pregnancy (before the sleep deprivation kicks in and I forget all about the pregnancy!). 

Loving all things organic and vegan, the majority of my favourite pregnancy products fall into that category. And honestly, most of these products are so good that I've chosen to add them into my pregnancy subscriptions


Maternitea Teas

Boy oh boy I wish I found these guys before I was pregnant. Their teas are absolutely divine - and I'm not even a "tea person"! They have teas for each trimester, and three different types of teas for each trimester too. I found them in my third trimester and got to enjoy a uterine toning tea a few times a day (which contained raspberry leaf tea for pregnancy), an energising rooibos tea each afternoon (often enjoyed with some dates), and a calming tea before bed (I swear I slept through the night when I drank this baby). 


Wild & Free Organics

Well, I am my best guinea pig, right? I originally created my line of products to use on myself, before deciding I wanted to share it with the world. During trimester one and most of trimester two, I used the pregnant belly butter. During trimester three (and the end of trimester two), I switched to the belly oil. Now I use the belly oil as a baby massage oil on Remy, as I designed it to be safe for pregnancy and newborns. 

Throughout my pregnancy, I also soaked my feet in a magnesium soak. Many women don't realise how quickly they can become magnesium deficient during pregnancy, so I always put some of these soaks in my subscription boxes early on. It can impact everything from energy levels, mood, headaches and even morning sickness symptoms. 

You can find these products in my store



Was anyone else always feeling dehydrated during their pregnancy? I could never get enough water in both my pregnancies. On those days I couldn't stomach water or any food, I'd add in some hydration powder (my fave was the berry flavour) to give me an energy boost and also some electrolytes. I also used these during the labour because it was a long one and I needed something more than water to sustain me! Hydration is so important for a healthy body, and moreso during pregnancy, labour and recovery. 


A Pregnancy Pillow

It's such a lovely feeling to lay comfortably, despite the big belly you're carrying! I wouldn't have slept well without my pregnancy pillow. Being a chiropractor, I am lucky enough to own one of those pillows with a giant hole in the middle so I could lay on my tummy whenever I wanted to. I spent a lot of time leaning over a fit ball but when I was too tired, I used a pregnancy pillow instead. Leaning forward is important for baby positioning, as it gives your baby the best chance to move into an anterior position before the birth. That being said, neither of mine took the hint! I say I birth strong willed children who do what they please, which is good for them long-term but not so fun for me to birth! 


Yummy Mummy Pregnancy Cookies

These cookies are absolutely delicious! They are great to help reduce any nausea, and ideal on those days you can't stomach much food. I was craving oats for a lot of my first trimester so these pregnancy cookies came in handy. Yummy Mummy also do healthy lactation cookies. Their products are so well thought out and researched, I really must do a blog sharing all about them. 


Birth Affirmations

Birth affirmations were so helpful for me throughout both my pregnancies. I had my friends write me some personalised affirmations at my Mother Blessing which I hung in my birth space (I had the privilege of creating a beautiful birth space because we had a home birth - more on that in my birth reflections blog). It isn't so much about having positive birth affirmations than it is about providing you a way to get into the headspace you desire for your birth, to address any fears, and to have your support team know what to focus on when guiding your through contractions. 


Our family maternity shoot with  Brittany Chard Photography

Our family maternity shoot with Brittany Chard Photography



The recovery time after pregnancy is half the challenge! So I want to finish this post by sharing my favourite pregnancy recovery products! 


BodyIce Woman

This company creates ice packs perfectly shaped for perineums and breasts. The perineum pad is useful to reduce swelling and help with general discomfort. Perfect perineum pain relief! It can also be used during pregnancy for pubic symphysis pain, which I was grateful not to have experienced. The breast pads are great for engorgement in those early days, and also mastitis. I particularly loved the perineum pad and spent the first few days sitting on it! 

You can actually heat them up too (especially good for the breast pads) to give warmth instead of cool. Lovely relief for vasospasm or blocked ducts. 


Nipple Balm

Oh how sweet is some nipple balm in those first few days! With Quinn, I used Nature's Child nipple balm. This time with Remy, I used Weleda nipple balm. Mostly so that I can try different brands for the boxes (I don't feature products I haven't used and loved myself). I have also created the Wild & Free Organics Baby Balm to be a completely safe vegan option! This balm is filled with nourishing and healing ingredients, to help nipple cracks, baby rashes, and even scrapes and cuts when your baby turns into an adventurous toddler. Though I suggest if you're using it on nipples and also bottoms, that you use a little spoon to scoop some out to avoid cross-contamination. 


Postpartum Healing Soak

As part of my package with my post-partum doula, she created a healing soak for me to relieve discomfort and bruising, and heal grazes and tears. It made such a huge difference to my comfort levels. You'll often find these soaks in my trimester three boxes (sometimes trimester two as well!). Healing soaks typically have some magnesium in them, plus healing herbs to help stitches close up. They also reduce the risk of infection by keeping the area clean. If you want to know more about my post-partum doula and what she does, you can read more here


SRC Pregnancy Recovery Shorts

I will be honest - I thought these were a bit of a gimmick and I didn't buy them for my recovery with Quinn. This second pregnancy, I thought I'd give them a go. Now I'm a convert! They're incredible. They make your belly feel so supported and comfortable, and I honestly believe they helped it all draw back in quickly after the birth. I wish I had bought them first time around! I strongly recommend these for all women. 


What about you, have you got a favourite pregnancy or recovery product that I haven't mentioned?