Product Feature - An Interview with Little Yarrow

This month our product interview is with Kate Harrison, a Melbourne-based naturopath and founder of Little Yarrow. These products are entirely organic, and often created using the power of the moon cycles as well. Kate is passionate about making organic, herbal medicine available without a huge price tag and prides herself on making every product by hand. We feature Little Yarrow in our March Mystery Box, as well as some of our gift boxes. 

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Organic products for babies - why?

I am often asked why I would choose to create a subscription box company all about organic baby products! Today I am focusing the physiology of a baby, and what happens if they are exposed to large amounts of chemicals (like those found in our waterways, in our food sources, in regular baby wipes, body washes and moisturisers, even in their umbilical cords!). A scientific look at organic products. 

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