Baby shower gift ideas & mother blessing ideas

Trying to think of the perfect gift for a special baby shower? 

Here's a hint - most people buy only baby products... imagine the mum's delight when you've considered her too!

Here are our favourite pregnancy products for you to choose from.

wild & free boxes subscription

If you're attending a baby shower, it's more than likely she's in her third trimester. 

A Wild & Free Subscription is your easiest gift choice - simply choose between 1 or 3 month subscriptions and we do the rest for you. All you need to do is provide use with her due date! 

Subscriptions will be catered to her due date, and if go beyond the due date include some healing and baby products. 

Natural Pregnancy & Baby Box
from 59.95

Receive a box each month filled with natural pregnancy and baby products! Organic where possible, always natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic for you and your baby. 

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baby shower gift ideas

baby shower gift box

Like the idea of the subscription but would prefer to have one gift box to give at the baby shower? 

That's simple - just use the contact form to request a custom gift box for the baby shower. 

We will walk you through all your options and give our suggestions to create the perfect baby shower gift. 

Prices start at $99 including postage. 

Wild & free organics gift

Handmade, organic and vegan products packaged with love for a special mama.

These are our three favourite products (that we can put into a special gift box for you). 

Ultimate Mama Pack

Set of three - a truly perfect gift for a pregnant mother. 

+ Magnesium and rose soak - this is wonderful for trimester one, as pregnancy depletes your magnesium pretty quickly. Used as a bath or foot soak. 
+ Mama & Baby belly oil - this is so good for trimester 3 bellies, and the leftover oil can be used as a baby massage oil! 
+ Belly butter - this is great for trimester 2, and also trimester 3 if cream is preferred over oil. 

All certified organic ingredients, completely vegan. 

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Organic Baby Bottom Balm

This is luxury for your baby's precious behind! The Wild & Free Organics Baby Bottom Balm has been perfectly crafted to contain equal measures of products that nourish skin, calm irritated areas, kill infections, and act as a barrier to moisture to prevent further irritation. 

Made by hand in small batches (as we infuse the herbs & flowers into oil ourselves), this bottom balm is vegan, organic & gluten free. 

Ingredients (all certified organic): Shea butter, macadamia oil (infused with calendula, liquorice root, chamomile & st john's wort), candellila wax, coconut oil, and white clay. 

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Organic Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

Perfect for the whole body! Refreshing lime scent with a great exfoliation. 

Ingredients (all certified organic): Raw sugar, coconut flesh, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, lime zest and lime essential oil.

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